The video game lab provides the ideal context for students to access thousands of games on more than 80 platforms

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> see the installations
> overview the collections
> make a reservation (registered students)
> get in touch to make a donation

Université de Montréal offers many programs to study video games in which many researchers, undergrad and graduate students evolve

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> get information about the programs
> learn about researchers and research assistants
> read papers written by undergrad students in video game studies
> look at research reports produced by graduate students

Research activities at LUDOV allow us to document many aspects of video game culture

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> study five video game genres (FPS, RPG, RTS, Adventure, Platform) as seen by different communities 
> visualize data on the historical evolution of gameplay configurations and marketing discourse
navigate databases from completed research projects (interactive cinema, horror video games)

Scientific observation remains one of the chief missions conducted at LUDOV. The pages from this section will lead you to each of the research project’s descriptions and to relevant scholarly publications from researchers and students

Video game studies expand and shine through many local, national and international initiatives

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> get information on various events organized by LUDOV members
> access websites from our partners
> access online resources emerging from other research initiatives

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