Do you have two copies of the same game, old games or consoles that sleep in a closet? Why not donate it to the Laboratory and contribute to Science? We will take good care of it and you will help to preserve our gaming heritage. Do as our many donors and get in touch here.

Corporation donations:

LUDOV is commited to take the best possible care of donated materials

>Perennial accessibility: videogames given to LUDOV are integrated within the permanent collection and made accessible to students registered in one of our game studies program. The lab’s stations provide an ideal context to play on all consoles and the most common operating systems. These platforms are maintained so as to guarantee long term accessibility. Lab managers might also consider emulation when material fragility complicates firsthand accessibility.

>Paratextual documents preservation: the lab provides storage for various types of print or digital documents pertaining to the game development process (preliminary sketches, design documents, etc.) Company / project archives are preserved in a secure environment and will only be consulted by registered students who make a special request.

>Gameplay preservation: LUDOV is committed to provide second hand accessibility to future historians thanks to gameplay archives. The lab is currently developing audiovisual archiving protocols (video capture of the screen and of players) in order to highlight a diversity of relevant players and play styles for selected games.

Individual donations:

We would like to thank for their great generosity:

  • Abitibi Bowater
  • Patrick Aubert
  • Maxime Archetto
  • Dominic Arsenault
  • Association des étudiants en science politique (UdeM)
  • Alexandre Béland-Bernard
  • Audrey Bélanger
  • Jean-Loup Beaulne-Morin
  • Francis Binet
  • Léo Bissonnette-Binet
  • Denis Blanchard
  • François Blouin
  • David Boisvert
  • Philippe-Olivier Boulay-Scott
  • Étienne Brunelle-Leclerc
  • Sylvie Brunet
  • Guillaume Caherec-Gagné
  • Cardboard Utopia
  • Casa Rara Studio
  • Raphaël Charette Bérubé
  • Charles Chouinard
  • Clever Endeavour Games
  • Emmanuelle Crête
  • Frédéric Dallaire
  • Frédéric Daoust
  • Simon Delorme
  • Jocelyne Denault
  • Benoît Deschenes
  • Yanik Dion-Roy
  • Simon Dor
  • Julien Drouin
  • Flying Carpet Games
  • Benjamin Forget
  • Serge Fortin
  • André Gaudreault
  • Cédrick Gauthier
  • Michèle Garneau
  • Fred Gémus
  • Hugo Gelis
  • Simon Gervais
  • Tristan Geoffroy
  • Anne Girard
  • Jean Girard
  • Jonathan Gosselin
  • Louis-Martin Guay
  • Louis Philippe Hamel
  • Sébastien Haney
  • Emmanuelle Hardy-Senécal
  • Samuel Heine
  • William Homs
  • Nicholas Huber
  • Illogika
  • Jeux Borealys
  • Arnaud Joanette-Lavallée
  • Marc Joly-Corcoran
  • Mikaël Julien
  • Kaermack Polewska
  • David Lachance
  • Maxwell Landry-Martineau
  • Martin Lapierre
  • La Planque Jeux Vidéo
  • Audrey Larochelle
  • Charles Lavasseur
  • Francis Lavigne
  • Sacha Lebel
  • Olivier Leclair
  • Charles Lechasseur
  • Adam Lefloïc-Lebel
  • Guillaume Lemée
  • Ludiciné
  • Gauthier Malou
  • Jean-Sébastien Marsolais
  • Silvestra Mariniello
  • Pier Olivier Massé
  • Médiias
  • Jérémie Ménard
  • Alexandre Messier
  • Micro-Jeux
  • Francis Montpetit
  • Jacques Morel
  • Pierre-Olivier Morin
  • Nicolas Mornard
  • Musée de la Civilisation de Québec
  • Philippe Palanque
  • Paroisse Saints-Martyrs-Canadiens
  • Ariane Peras
  • Bernard Perron
  • Julien Perron
  • Alexandre Poirier
  • Antoine Quirion
  • Jean-Charles Ray
  • Red Barrels (Philippe Morin)
  • Olivier Reed
  • Amélie Routhier Bergeron
  • Vincent Routhier Bergeron
  • Alain Roux
  • Gilles Roux
  • Guillaume Roux-Girard
  • Hubert Sabino
  • Sabotage Studio
  • Sauropod Studio
  • Sébastien Savard
  • Adrian Savopol
  • Super Potato Akiba
  • Alexander Tanasie
  • Carl Therrien
  • Triple Scale Games
  • Justine Trudel
  • Ubisoft Montréal
  • Tristan Verdun
  • Warner Bros

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