Major in video game studies

(Un) Code the video game - (Re) Play its story - (Re) Think its creation

Do you feel like a designer who can wear multiple hats and have an artistic flair? Do you want to acquire skills and knowledge in order to evolve in the independent video game world? Do you want to study in a collaborative environment where you can bond with other video game enthusiasts? The Major in video games offers you these possibilities!

At the heart of this program: an interdisciplinary training which will open all professional paths in the field, namely:

  • Art
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Audio
  • Production

The program addresses the multiple facets of video games, including:p>

  • Its history
  • The creation process
  • The graphic expression
  • Programming
  • Scriptwriting
  • Sound creation

The Major in video games is an asset for students wishing to discover the technical and theoretical aspects of the discipline. This program can in particular give access to the Masters in Cinematographic Studies, to the D.E.S.S. in arts, creation and technology or at D.E.S.S. in video game design.

Minor in video game studies

Are you passionate about video games, as a player or as a creator? Would you like to improve your knowledge in this field? Then take advantage of a basic training in aesthetics, history and theory of this new art form.

This program offers a basic formation on video game history, theory and criticism as well as an introduction to various approaches that will allow students to situate the form both in continuation and contrast from other artistic fields, more particularly cinema. Combined with a major in another discipline (such as cinema, communications, art history, anthropology, literature), the Minor can lead to the Master’s degree in film studies, D.E.S.S in arts, creation and technologies or the D.E.S.S. in video game design.

Master's degree in video game studies

Since the beginning of the 21st century, video games studies have become a genuine scientific discipline. It now constitutes a research field with a set of dedicated theories, a first important debate between ludologists and narratologists, and an international network of academics and institutions focussing on the study of this new object. The game studies option of the Master’s degree in film studies (with thesis) at UdeM will allow students to deepen his/her knowledge, promoting the development of research, criticism, analysis and theory in the field.

The extraordinary development of video games foster new needs. On top of the technical workforce, the world of games needs competent commentators in the media, professionals in conservation and dissemination institutions, and specialists in the field of education, in high schools, colleges and universities. The video game studies option of the Master’s degree answers a fundamental need, and naturally prolongs the Minor in video game studies.

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